I’m a writer, tour guide, and travel consultant based in Tokyo. The adventures of furochan is my personal newsletter, and it’s been landing in inboxes since July 2018. It’s a monthly missive of food, travel, writing, books, and photos, along with a dose of joy and introspection and thoughts from a Japan-based life.

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Subscribing: What’s in it for you?

#1 Maybe you just want to know more about eating and traveling in Japan. Signing up gives you a free food guide PDF – illustrated by my sister! – collating all my restaurant reviews and eating itineraries across Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Think of it as a cheat sheet to eating affordably and deliciously in these cities. Stay on for the monthly clippings.

#2 I am quite enamoured of old-fashioned correspondence. Maybe you are, too. There are some sentiments that can only breathe freely on paper, some emotions better declared in a letter, some trains of thought best meandered through in paragraphs rather than conversations. Short of sending you written missives in the post, this is the next-best digital version.

#3 Every newsletter gives you a handful of links to the most thought-provoking essays I read that month, plus one or two books. The deluge of reading out there is pretty overwhelming, so I pare it down for you to the ones I found most interesting.

No topic is off-limits; I love reading across fields. Literature, stillness, nature, working culture, tech, financial scandals, science, politics, art, anthropology, sex, sexuality, travel. All I ask of these writings is that they illuminate our minds in some way, and I hope they do the same for you.

#4 Maybe you just want to read more non-white writing outside of North America or the UK. If so, I totally tick your diversity boxes.

What readers have said

“I love your newsletters and I hope you make them all into a book.” – Stephanie W.

“One of my absolute favourite things is to wake up on a Saturday, make myself some good pour over coffee, and read your newsletters cuddled next to a window. I save them up and devour them on the weekend. I think it’s a treat since it feels like a combination visit with you and also insights on your travels and thoughtful stories that get me out of my head. At any rate had been meaning to tell you how much I honestly enjoy and savour them.” – Noel D.

“She makes getting her ears pierced at Sungai Wang sound glamorous.” – Sarah C.


I’m not receiving your newsletter!

Please check your spam or Promotions folder, and when you find it, mark it as important. That should fix the issue, but if it doesn’t, email me and we’ll figure it out.

Is there a subscription fee?

No. The monthly newsletter is at present free for subscribers, with the occasional public post. I began this with the intention of writing to friends in far-flung places, as a way of finding readers while ensconced at home in Japan. Plus, I love the idea that it arrives in your inbox, without necessarily living at large on the internet – something just for a coterie of kindred spirits, and no one else.

The newsletter does take considerable resources to produce every month, and at some point, if there is enough interest, I would love to produce these missives more frequently for a paid subscriber base. But this is in a rather distant future for now. If you have enjoyed this and would like to drop me a tip, you can do that here.

Can I forward these newsletters?

Please do disseminate free posts as often as you like! An honest recommendation means a lot when seeking readers. Thank you <3

Florentyna Leow